Hawaii Cruise Packages

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Hawaii Cruise Packages, the ultimate Island Hopping  vacation. Free style cruising year round in Hawaii.

Book your cruise with a Hawaii Cruise Agency to get the best deal. 808-330-6865.

Visit each island for day trips and shore excursions departing from Honolulu.

We can arrange your guided tours with pick up at the port or rent a car. Stay overnight on Maui for 2 nights, on Kauai for 1 night. The ship cruises overnight to the next port.

With our unique 7-day Hawaii cruise itineraries, you get overnights in both Maui and Kauai as well as visits to Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii. You will be on island time as you discover cascading waterfalls, active volcanoes, black and green and white sand beaches, historic sites and unspoiled nature.

Cruise Highlights

  • Book a 7 day cruise with an expert Hawaii cruise agency. We can arrange a great vacation package.
  • Oahu 2 days, Maui 2 nights, Kauai 1 night, Big Island Volcano 1 night, Kona 1 day.
  • Departures from Honolulu every Saturday, packages include extra nights in Honolulu.
  • Include a stay on Oahu before or after the cruise.
  • Suites, ocean view with balcony, ocean view, and inside cabins.
  • Plan a day on the golf course, sightseeing, or guided tours from each port.
  • Cabin rate includes daily buffet at breakfast, lunch and dinner with custom-order stations.
  • Make reservations, there are 14 unique dining options.
  • Per person rate includes all buffet style meals and non alcoholic beverages.
  • Buffets are open early and close late. 24 hour room service.
  • Enjoy a day at the spa and pool.
  • Dress up for shows and dancing in the evenings.
  • Shore excursions for sightseeing and shopping.
  • Golfers can bring their clubs or rent equipment from the ship.

Learn more about cruising in the Hawaiian Islands, Complete the quote request below. Please include that you are interested in cruising in your request description.

Big Island Port in Hilo

We recommend a guided tour to visit the volcano.

The ship departs in the late afternoon and cruises around the east tip of the island passing the Puna district and the slopes of Kilauea. The lava is usually visible after dark from the ship. Sometimes it looks like the entire mountain is glowing.

Port in Kailua Kona Town for a day of shopping and snorkeling.

Cruise over night back to Honolulu. A week you will never forget.

There are lots of reasons to book your cruise vacation with a Hawaii cruise agency.

Hawaii Cruise Packages – 4 Islands in 7 days

You can extend your stay in Hawaii with a hotel stay before or after the cruise.

The ship sails, round trip, from Honolulu every Saturday.

Include your flights, hotels, transportation, tours, and activities.

We can arrange a car on each island for self guided sightseeing.

The car rental agency will pick you up at the port on each island.

Take a day excursion, book with us, it will cost you less than booking during the cruise.

Golf Tee Times can be arranged. Golfing in Hawaii is booked in advance.

The ship offers club rentals or you can bring your own. Kauai Golf Courses are easily accessible from the ship.

Buffet style meals are included in the cost of the cabin.

One of the most spectacular events during your cruise is the view from the ship of the Kilauea Volcano.

The ship cruises slowly around the east tip of the Big Island going north the Kailua Kona Port. Views of the eruptions from the ship are spectacular. Check the schedule to make certain that you are free to move around the ship for the best views.

Cruise the coast of Volcanoes National Park Big Island Hawaii