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Trips to Hawaii
Trips to Hawaii

Trips to Hawaii

Rose Royse, Hawaii Vacation Planner

Rose Royse

Aloha from Rose,

I am available for consultations by phone to discuss your vacation package and provide a price quote. At this time you can book Hawaii for travel starting in July 2020 through the end of next year.

There are great deals to Hawaii in the late summer and fall. Airline fares are available for up to 11 months in the future. Quick getaways for single island trips are popular and I am getting lots of calls about Hawaii 7 day cruise vacations.


Trips to Hawaii

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Covid 19 restrictions apply to all inbound visitors. Contact Roseto plan your trip.

Text your contact information to 808-330-6865.


Trips to Maui

Maui is open, Covid 19 test required for inbound from all destinations including inter-island flights.

Maui is the one island that everyone should visit. From 5 star resorts to affordable condos on great public beaches Maui has accommodations, sightseeing, and activities for every lifestyle.

Maui Vacation Planner ONLINE: Maui single island getaways great weekends.
Call or text Rose at 808-330-6865 for agent support.


Trips to Oahu

Oahu is open. Covid 19 test required.

Honolulu on the Island of Oahu is the most visited island for visitors to Hawaii. Waikiki Beach resorts offer Pearl Harbor and Polynesian Cultural Center tours.

Oahu Vacation Planner ONLINE: Oahu single island getaways great weekends.
Call or text Rose at 808-330-6865 for agent support.


Trips Big Island

Kona and Hilo airports are open.

Covid 19 precautions apply to all inbound visitors.

Ocean adventures are abundant on the Island of Hawaii. Dolphins swim close to the shore on the Kona Coast and night dives to view the Manta Rays. Visit to the active volcano and rain forest trails are popular on the Hilo side of the island.

Big Island Vacation Planner ONLINE: Big Island single island getaways and extended stays.
Call 808-330-6865 for agent support


Trips to Kauai

Kauai is open with 14 day quarantine.

Kauai is the most ancient island in the Hawaiian chain. Steep mountains, green valleys, red dessert canyons, and magnificent rain forests.

Kauai Vacation Planner ONLINE: Kauai single island getaways great weekends.
Call or text Rose at 808-330-6865 for agent support.




Cruising worldwide is postponed until after May 2021.

Further delays are anticipated but not confirmed.

Specializing in unique Hawaii cruise and multi-island vacations for travelers who want a customized package that is arranged to fit their lifestyle and budget.

With great weather year-round the 7-day cruise around the Hawaiian Islands a great choice any time of year. Let me assist you in finding the best dates for the best rates. 808-330-6865.

Family Vacation Packages

Family Vacation Packages

Discover the unique amenities of resorts and condos that make it easy for families to enjoy the Hawaiian Islands. Ask about resorts with children’s programs.

For family and group vacation packages I can arrange resorts and/or condos with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and full kitchens.


Tropical Getaways to

Caribbean Islands, Cancun and Riviera Maya, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta all offer all inclusive packages that include meals. In Hawaii we refer to all inclusive as packages to include accommodations, flights, cars, activities and taxes. Meals are not included.

Single destination getaways to:
San Diego California
Key West Florida

Call or text Rose at 808-330-6865 for agent support.


Trips to Tahiti

The latest deals to Tahiti and the South Pacific. Famous for over water bungalows and quiet beaches. Fifi is famous for its “off the beaten path” travelers.

VIEW ONLINE: Tahiti and South Pacific single destination packages.

Bora Bora, Papeete, Taha’a

All-Inclusive packages are frequent requests. The only all inclusive package for Hawaii that includes meals is the 7 day cruise around the islands.

Multi Destination Packages: Call 808-330-6865.

Let me help you compare the best deal for vacations with options for Hawaii many other tropical destination you may want to consider.

There is an advantage when you book your vacation with me. I have 20+ years of experience as a Hawaii travel agent with hundreds of packages booked.

As a licensed travel agent, I can design a unique, multi-destination package with a minimum deposit and no payments until 45 days prior to travel.

As a Hawaii travel agent, with over 20 years of experience, while living in the Hawaiian Islands, I will make it easy for you to plan your vacation.

Book your package through Travel Guide to Hawaii and choose from the resorts and condos that provide the amenities you enjoy. I will provide recommendations to customize your trip and stay within your budget.

Packages can include your activities and sightseeing tours. There are over 1300 activities on the Hawaiian Islands.

Contact me at 808-330-6865 to request a quick quote or to sign up for the newsletter. New promotions are published weekly.

Stay informed about the latest deals and promotions for Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands. Compare the cost, and benefits, of other travel destinations like the Caribbean or Mexico.

Hawaii Family Vacations

Our resources are available to you with links to details for every resort on every island.

Hawaii Cruise Vacations

Book your cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines through Travel Guide to Hawaii.

The Pride of America by Norweigan Cruise lines departs from Honolulu every Saturday.

Hawaii Sightseeing and Tours

Hawaii Honeymoon

Free Honeymoon or vow renewal gift registry and a personal travel website is available for your special date.

Your friends and family will appreciate the opportunity to select a wedding gift for your Hawaii honeymoon vacation.

Whichever islands you want to visit the itinerary includes round trip, inter-island flights, hotels, cars, insurance, and payment plan.

Benefits Included

  • One invoice for your entire trip.
  • I am available by phone to handle whatever comes up during travel.
  • Packages offer easy payment plans.
  • Book with a small down payment and pay in full 45 days prior to departure.
  • Choose from luxurious resorts or family-sized condos at ocean-front properties.
  • Include activities and tours to historical sights, ocean adventures, and entertainment.
  • During travel 24 hour customer service desk for your convenience.

You don’t need to search for the best deals for Hawaii Multi island and cruise packages we can do the search for you.

As a travel agent for Hawaii, I can make certain that your experience is exactly what you have in mind.

Call me for a quick quote at 808-330-6865.

Multi Island and Island Hopping

Island Hopping and Day Trips

Island Hopping is a popular way to see all of the islands.

Arrange “Day Trips” to the neighbor islands for sightseeing and activities and return that same evening.

Fly into one island and return from a different island with inter-island flights and cars included in the package.

Hawaii Travel Agent
While I was on Oahu I visited every golf course on the island.
If you want insider info call me 808-330-6865

How I became a Hawaii Travel Agent

Did you ever go on vacation and decide that you never wanted to go home?

That’s what happened to me, my vacation became my vocation.

I published the first Travel Guide to Hawaii web site in 1998 as a travel agency for Hawaii vacations.

My first trip to Hawaii was to the Big Island, I stayed for the whole winter, camping and sightseeing.